Workers who survived the tornado later filed a lawsuit against the construction company who built the facility. In it, the plaintiffs said that there was no proper sheltering available inside, reported in May 2022. 

The areas where employees are expected to be most scarce include the Inland Empire, California, an hour and a half east of Los Angeles. The region is around two hour drive from 20 million potential Amazon customers. 

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The Amazon founder first became a billionaire in 1998, the year after Amazon went public as an online bookseller and has since increased his fortune by 12,425 percent — now raking in more than $140,000 per minute.

Fitbit doesn't have any Wear OS apps yet, but is expected to have some later this year...even so, there won't be a chance of having Fitbit's full tracking capabilities running on this watch anytime soon. But Google has its own pair of fitness-tracking apps: Google Fit, and the recently acquired Fitbit. Google Fit apps can be loaded onto the Watch 4 for tracking alongside Samsung Health, but Samsung still expects your data to flow through Samsung Health as well.

And she wouldn't be the first person to buy books willy-nilly. High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale was criticised last week after admitting she bought 400 books to fill her shelves ahead of a photoshoot at her California home.

When the interviewer asked: ‘Can you learn a lot about a person by the books they keep?', Adele replied: ‘Well I would say that, but I don't know many people that have real books in their house any more.

— Scott Stein (@jetscott) August 13, 2021 Hi, Bixby
As I said earlier: Google's excellent voice-based Assistant isn't on the Galaxy Watch 4. Instead, you're stuck with Bixby as the only assistant for now. Google Assistant should be coming sometime, I think, but it's unclear.

The developer East Thames Group confirmed it had removed the wording from its website, saying: 'We did this because the copy was categorically incorrect - East Thames does not have a policy of excluding overseas residents from purchasing homes through private sale. Its presence on the website was a mistake and was the result of our creative agency misinterpreting our commitment to the Mayoral Concordat.' 

In April 2022, Amazon was accused of illegally attempting to influence a defeated vote to unionize in the Bessemer facility, reports
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Bezos, who is estimated to be worth $131.9 billion, is the third richest man in the world after Tesla owner Elon Musk, who knocked him off the top spot with a net worth of $213.9 billion and Bernard Arnault, who oversees an empire of 70 brands including Louis Vuitton and Sephora, according to Forbes.

It's hard to promise what isn't there. That's incredibly frustrating considering how good Google Assistant is, and how Samsung's Google Wear OS partnership seemed to be lining up specifically to allow things like Assistant. Google Assistant: MIA.

Battery life: Two days (or less)
The Galaxy Watch 4 feels very fast, and loads apps faster than any Android watch I can remember. It's not always as lightning-quick as the latest Apple Watch, but it still feels great. The watch's new chipset seems to be a very good sign of where other Google watches could go as far as feeling more responsive.

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