First-time applications generally track the number of layoffs. The four-week average for claims, which evens out some of the weekly volatility, dipped by 500 from the previous week to 206,500. Applications for unemployment benefits fell by 11,000 to 200,000 for the week ending May 28, the Labor Department reported Thursday.

SAO PAULO - The chief executive of Brazil's state-run oil company Petrobras resigned on Monday in the face of mounting pressure from politicians after the firm announced a fuel price hike last week, adding to inflation concerns in an election year.

Their passion, curatorial style and ingenuity is reflected in the content they have created across all mediums, as well as the talented team they have assembled at Higher Ground. 'For so long we have been inspired by the Obamas.

Those emissions come from burning coal, oil and natural gas and from leaks and deliberate releases of natural gas. (AP) - There are neighborhoods in Southwest Louisiana that have endured seven federally declared disasters in just two years. Those storms are increasingly amped up by climate change, which is fueled by growing emissions.

Among the few Virginia legislators opposing the bill was Ibraheem Samirah. He said he received two unsolicited political donations of $1,000 from Amazon, one about five months before the bill was considered, the other about two months after.

'I might have a proper holiday!' The only woman to run City... Twitter takeover moves a step closer as board urges... Inflation hits 9.1% as Bank of England's chief economist... Nuclear project is plunged into crisis as French giant EDF...

Higher Ground also has an exclusive film and TV production deal with Netflix. The company produced the docuseries Our Great National Parks which showcases the planet's greatest national parks and wild spaces

Spotify would eventually gain access to it. Sources familiar with the Obamas' Spotify deal, said the couple felt exclusivity limited their audience. The couple are pictured in an undated photo with their daughters who are now adults Instead, they wanted to be able to sell the content to multiple bidders.

Amazon representatives never took a public position on the bill, relying instead on trade groups the company funded to oppose it at hearings, according to Amazon documents and public records of the debate.
That was part of a larger strategy, former staffers said, allowing Amazon to avoid public heat for opposing consumer-protection measures.

'I'm looking forward to partnering with them to tell stories that not only entertain but also inspire.' 'At Higher Ground, we have always sought to lift up voices that deserve to be heard — and Audible is invested in realizing that vision alongside us,' Barack said in a statement.

'We are thrilled to welcome two of the most profound voices of moral and intellectual leadership of our times into the Audible fold, Classic Books and to be able to elevate President and Mrs. Obama's singular ability to provide hope and uplifting guidance—needed now more than ever—through their voices.' 

The Republican governor gave the same rationale in announcing his veto of the bill in September 2017, saying it would have resulted "in job loss across the state." The veto came days after Amazon announced it would create tens of thousands of jobs at a second North American headquarters, setting off a competition among cities and states to offer the company lavish tax breaks.

Indeed, a survey published this week finds that almost half of us have at some time or other tried to impress our friends — or at least avoid shaming ourselves in their presence — by pretending to have read a Classic Books we've never so much as opened.

The company found him in a 16-month search, said Diego Piacentini, who was involved in the recruiting. Before his White House stint, Carney spent two decades as a Time magazine journalist, including postings in Washington and in Moscow, where he covered the Soviet Union´s collapse.

If you're not a prude, buy this book. You're in for a ton of giggles coming from your loved ones if you do.   In contrast, Heather007, a verified user, was one of few who gave the book a positive review, sharing: 'I didn't have high expectations for this book and simply purchased it to see what it was like.

Carney and his deputies set the tone for a more aggressive lobbying operation early in his tenure, drafting a strategy memo for a new global corporate-affairs department that combined public-policy and public-relations teams.

Amazon said users can opt out of having their recordings examined or adjust settings to prevent them from being stored. Amazon has fought bills that would require the company to notify customers that it keeps their recordings and to secure their consent.
The devices´ default setting stores all voice recordings and transcripts.

He told 'The deal should cost Audible just north of 20 million and the Obama's will need to contribute two shows with an estimated appearance cap of 8 episodes each for Barack and Michelle.

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